I just read a list of current or upcoming uses of simulation technology, namely virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

One use applies the technology toward educational pursuits. The list is endless: virtual surgeries, rehearsed or real-time actual; electrical grounding training, mock or hypothetical; train-the-trainer courses, mandated or developed; etc. These ideas give whole new dimensions to elearning content and platforms.

Another use applies virtual reality to exploration efforts. Wanna track what happens to that piece of plastic you just discarded? You got it. Need to relive a past experience in your childhood neighborhood the way it looked back then? No problem! Such ideas also push the boundaries of what entertainment businesses can and should do when it comes to brand promotion, social change, and fiction storytelling.

The best use by far revolves around giving audiences realistic, unique experiences for places, products, and stories. In fact, the more powerful experiences will combines all three. I’d love to see a story about a new smart vehicle purchaser test driving the latest driverless model by living an hour in the life of using that product and all its features and benefits–all in the form of an adventure. The prospective customer may not use the vehicle quite that way in the future, or even make a purchase, but the power of the experience will inspire them to remember and share the experience (which is, of course, more important).

What other forms of uses for VR do you see coming in the near future?

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