Why aren’t audiences able to use more of their senses when viewing a film? Sure, spectacle is great and hearing music is amazing; but what about smell? Why can’t we smell the action as it’s happening? Some of my most emotional memories activate upon smelling something. And what about taste? Since there’s so much advertising going on in films now anyway, why not give people the option to sample a product we see in a film right there in the theater? This approach to merchandising could make movie theaters relevant in a whole other way!

I remember the first time I saw a film in Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (ADC) in Austin, Texas. I didn’t think I’d like it at all—until I had my first chai milkshake there. Insanely good!

I wonder what the ADC Team (http://drafthouse.com/about/key_players/) would say to exploring more 2D-meets-3D options like these. Some day, I might even try sneaking into a script the requirement that all audience members be given an item similar to what they see an actor discover for the first time on screen.