Jaguar is developing a smart car wallet.

The project intends to combine blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that will allow vehicles to complete micro-transactions without human intervention. With cars increasingly coming in IoT contact with each other as well as their surroundings; the possibilities for brand storytelling could be vast:

  • A vehicle charges a small fee for automatically transferring the podcast or song you’re enjoying on your smartphone to the vehicle’s speakers for better sound and/or video quality. In fact, this scenario could work perfectly for story experiences designed for smart car interaction. Great race, anyone?
  • A car purchases drone home delivery service so you can try a product you saw advertised during your trip. The drone’s destination could even be the vehicle itself. Not only could product and service providers empower vehicles to react to audience behavior, they could even incite a story by, for instance, sending a potential customer a much needed product for free.
  • Based on audience brand identity or brand profile, a vehicle automatically refunds current and/or previous customers for product overpayments, depending on competitor appetite for absorbing such costs. Product expenses range from parking fees to fuel costs to donation payments (for, say, an artist you enjoyed along the way, and the vehicle makes an automatic donation when you consume the entire product–or in other words, “finish the video”).

These technologies could allow service providers to create powerful, in-the-moment, and even ad hoc brand narratives. The general idea would be to use the vehicle’s smart technology to broadcast and/or display brand storytelling and complete as-you-go micro-transactions based on audience interest.

What are some others ways smart wallets could support storytelling efforts?

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