I just read that Snapchat plans to commit $750,000 to augmented reality (AR) influencers. This eye-popping payload presents a number of opportunities for storytellers to support their effort.

For example, there’s an opportunity to cash in on getting really good at making AR stories. This isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Depending on the story medium (e.g., novels, films, audiobooks, stage play, etc.), creating a story comes with its own unique elements…and peculiar constraints. The same goes for AR stories. They take on an interactive quality that comes to life for audiences–in some cases, based on their personal choices. Want a different fantasy sports player? Bench one for another. Don’t like that shade of lipstick? Switch it up. Depending on the platform, the possibilities for personalized story experience could be endless.

I also hear complaints from directors and animated showrunners about how they need more storyboard artists. A storyboard allows you to visually arrange components of your story and link them together. Unless you’re an exceptional dimensional thinker–or you’ve made a half dozen or so films–chances are you’ll want to know how to storyboard for an AR story or know someone who does.

Basically, Snapchat’s intention sounds great not just for AR influencers but also for writers, video editors, cinematographers, and even voice actors who ally with them. The writers who can’t draw can draft prose storyboards instead; and the actors can inspire the art folks who can visually frame shots on the fly.

Think this kind of collaboration will work?

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