I just read more on the potential of blockchain use in gaming.

(Blockchain is the technology that powers crytopcurrencies like Bitcoin.)

Since enough gamers currently are spending enough money on average to play games–even free games like Fortnite–startup and development companies are pursuing a horizon market demand for cryptocurrency and game-item exchange. Rather than spending money (i.e., United States dollars) for, say, quality game gear; gamers would use cryptocurrency instead.

With that sort of technology in gamers’ hands, they could buy anything. Many of today’s games allow players to buy cosmetics, quality item ingredients, in-game currency (i.e., “gold”), human player services, gaming bots, etc.

But tomorrow’s gamers could be buying game items not intended for the original game’s universe. More powerful, gamers could be purchasing entire game elements. For example, in theory it would be possible to make a blockchain transaction that trades cryptocurrency for micro or even macro story worlds, any of the characters in those worlds, and even complete storylines themselves. Sure game developers could monitor and control such behavior; but some games may choose encourage player-to-developer and/or player-to-player transactions by design, to infinitely kaleidoscope effect. On the game-play level, it would’ve been kinda cool to play as Kratos from “God of War” in, say, the Diablo universe (Blizzard) or even in a Fortnight instance.

How might the technology allow traditional storytelling (one protagonist in one world in one storyline) to change or expand in order to accommodate this more democratized way of living a story through the experience of a character during interactive gameplay?

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