The Computational Creativity Market

Adroit Market Research has published a research report regarding the computational creativity market. Basically, this market uses computers to mimic, analyze, provoke, and/or bolster human creativity. The report references 25 entities as “prominent players” in the global market: IBM Google Microsoft Adobe Amazon Web Services Autodesk Jukedeck HUMTAP Amper Music ScriptBook (Belgium) B12 The Grid […]

Get Ready for Smart Car Wallets

Jaguar is developing a smart car wallet. The project intends to combine blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that will allow vehicles to complete micro-transactions without human intervention. With cars increasingly coming in IoT contact with each other as well as their surroundings; the possibilities for brand storytelling could be vast: A vehicle charges […]

The Rise of Simulation Technology

I just read a list of current or upcoming uses of simulation technology, namely virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). One use applies the technology toward educational pursuits. The list is endless: virtual surgeries, rehearsed or real-time actual; electrical grounding training, mock or hypothetical; train-the-trainer courses, mandated or developed; etc. These ideas give whole […]

Collaborate with Snapchat AR Influencers

I just read that Snapchat plans to commit $750,000 to augmented reality (AR) influencers. This eye-popping payload presents a number of opportunities for storytellers to support their effort. For example, there’s an opportunity to cash in on getting really good at making AR stories. This isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Depending on the story […]